Full Version: Hydro-Lock strikes
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so i started Taarna one night and turn the bike off will kill switch turn key off but leave choke on. next morning i go out to start her up and click-clunk and dash goes out till i let off starter then dash comes back. WTF i plug in my tender and let her charge all the way up and again click-clunk dash dies. i remember reading somewhere on here about hydro-lock so i pull both plugs from the left head (as sitting on bike) both plugs are dripping gas turn kill switch off and hit starter click wirrr and we have a 10 foot fountain of gas shooting out of the back cylinder. check right side and they are dry spun engine over a few times till gas stopped coming out put plugs back in. Started her up but she was ruinning real ruff. got her going down road wound her up to 85 in third and she smoothed right out. now can anyone tell me why i hydrolocked? first time it happend to me and hasn't happened since. don't really want it to again. ty all
well what happened is a float stuck open and didn't shut down the flow of gas into the carb,then the carb slowly drained into the cylinder,probably just on one cylinder,gas seepage into that cylinder will drain into the crankcase so definitely change the oil,as its been compromised

all it takes is a small piece of dirt etc to stick the float open,could be a sign that its time to rebuild the carbs,could also mean your fuel filter needs replacement

for safety sake you could start shut the fuel petcock off as a normal riding shutdown process,then again the problem may never happen again
ok ty for the info