Full Version: You arn't gonna believe this....
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OK, what a day. I'm reinstalling my exhaust system after replacing the gaskets between headers and muffler. I'm using a pair of water pump pliers to close the gap on clamp to start bolt threads, muffler is resting with tailpipe on floor, muffler vertical. I get bolt started using a 12mm deepwell, go to put it on bench and drop it.....down into muffler! I have gently, firmly and with great effort shook, rattled and banged but the #$%#$^ socket still has not appeared. Anyone got an idea? :YMPRAY:
I'll bet when you find that socket it will be sitting next to those single socks missing from the dryer. :lol: :lol: Can you get a small inspection mirror down inside? You have the H-pipe crossover? Could have wedged itself in there.
it'll fall out about the time you buy a new one
ya might try suspending it and beating it senseless with a rubber malllet :lol: :lol: :lol:
I would just ride....when it rattles.....turn the radio up some more.....
:d :d :d
magnet on a long stick??

just be careful, next thing you'll have a socket AND a magnet stuck in there :d
This is really a long shot but if you can find the wherabouts of the trained mouse that rolled the thread spool in the movie Green Mile and send him in there, well problem solved :lol:
Seriously maybe one of those skinny telescoping magnets????
Mr. Ed what you have right there is the shop version of the First Law of Dropped Objects.

If neoracer's beating doesn't work... um...