Full Version: Driveline Vibration
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I have a vibration when in gear and decelerating, is it normal on the GL1200 to have that? Do you think it would help to grease the splines or am I on the wrong track? I have 111,000 km on the bike and the vibration has been there for the past three years with out getting any louder. I just read a posting that said this could be very serious and should be looked at, also they said it could cause the back wheel to seize, I wouldn't like that very much. I have changed the final drive oil and the vibration didn’t change at all. Maybe I should check the u-joint as well. Does anyone have any ideas?
When ever changing the rear tire the splines must be re-greased, providing this was done during this period it should be OK, now to put a wrench in the works... when the OEM tires were used, these were not capable of the mileages that the later tire were, hence the splines would not be greased for longer periods of time. Adding to the fact that some mechanics were not as competent as others.
I would check them to make sure.
Thanks Tricky, I will do thak A.S.A.P.