Full Version: Help engine kill switch
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Frist i have to say Thanks ( tricky ) for getting me this far now i need a little direction starting to work on the starting system and push the starter buttom and the engine started to spin but i notice the kill switch was in the off position pull the switch and clean and still the same thing pulled the switch again and test the 2 wire connection and had continuity am i looking at the starter end or somewhere else had to put a new soleniol in but going to change over to tricky mod tomorrow Maybe i need to rest fill like the brain is in overdrive tracing down a broken wire for 3 days You think sent i had a burned soleniol and wires it bad further up the line :-\ :ymblushing: Just nuge me i'll go the right way i hope
are you now saying that the starter now works but the mc wont start with the start/stop switch in the on psoition?
No i'm saying that it starts with switch in any position ! So i pull the switch apart clean and it do the same thing so i have no kill switch
well its alot better than not starting in any position,sounds like a shorted wire someplace else in the circuit
With the engine off/run/off switch in the off position, the coils are not supposed to have power. I only have a wiring diagram for an 87A not an 87I but the color code should be the same. B/W comes from the switch and goes directly to the coils. I am sure there are plugs along the way so I would suggest following the B/W wire from the coils to the off/run/off switch, unplugging the plugs and checking for anything that may be causing a short between a hot lead and the B/W coil lead and then do your cleaning.
You may want to disconnect one B/W coil lead and connect one lead of a trouble light to the B/W coil lead and the other to ground.
With the key in the on position and the off/run/off switch in the off position, the light should be on (in your case).
TURN THE KEY OFF AND REMOVE THE KEY before disconnecting the harness plugs for inspection and cleaning.
Once inspected and cleaned, reconnect the plug, make sure it is seated and turn the key on again.
When the light goes out, you found the problem.
Once the light goes out, test the off/run/off switch in all three positions.
When the switch is in the off position, the light will be off
When the switch is in the run position, the light will be on.

This can be long and tedious, but that is the joy of trouble shooting electronics!

Good Luck.

-Ride On