Full Version: Fuel Pump Part Number
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Just spoke with my local Honda dealer, the fuel pump for the 84 GL1200A has been superseded with a new part number 16700-mg9-771 and currently is selling for $165.00 (US) this may also be the new part number for other models as well.

Searching google, Honda Powersports is showing the fuel pump at 120.00 (US)
With a price like that, I'm glad I have a spare! :d
That $120 price is a lot better than the $295 price I see on ebay for the same part number listed as an NOS hard to find part. (emailed that fella letting him know the part was still in production and being sold at a lower price)
You could possibly try the MR gasket fuel pump or do a search for honda prelude fuel pump

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Thank you Tricky