Full Version: New owner from Kansas City, Mo
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Just got my dads 86 GL1200 SEi. Have been hounding him for 12 years for the bike, finally he couldnt resist my charm no more. Love all the information on this site. Thanks in advance for all the valuable information that I am sure I will need.
Welcome, welcome :YMHUG: Jhawk [Image: jayhawk_current.jpg].

Lucky YOU, getting your dad's SEI ... that's a great bike.

My first job long, long ago (1970) in the midwest (I had been a lifelong New York City guy) was at KUMC on Rainbow Blvd. I lived in a house one block from State Line, and soon was amazed that a big city could be divided between two states ... even the alcoholic content of the beer in one half of the city was less than in the other half. Great steaks, great museums, great people.

Anyhow, ride your new SEI in health and safety, and for maintenance, social or other subjects this site is the place to visit.

Best wishes,

Welcome from Sunny SW Florida!
Welcome from Baltimore Ontario.
Thank you all for the welcomes. Learned alot from this site by lurkin in the forums. The site admin is great, he helped me out with SEi manual for my bike. He cant be thanked enough. ^Smile^

Had the bike for 4 days now, all of the sudden i have no clutch pedal (lever). Thanks to this site its time to bleed it and replace the fluid.

Ill be doing some kinda of donation soon, this information and help is too valuable to lose.

Thank you all for the future support.

welcome to the site from mid md/pa area
Welcome aboard from Georgia...just north of Atlanta.
I got my '84 Interstate from my Dad when he bought a then new 2001 1800.
200K miles and still running strong. Hope you really enjoy your Wing