Full Version: Another chirping noise
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On our '84 Interstate with 60,000 miles on it I heard the chirping on start up. It lasted 3 to 4 seconds then got quiet. It sounded like a timing belt tensioner. I was wondering if 60,000 miles is a little early to be wearing out.
Need more details, like is there a poorboy installed, timing belts have been changed recently, etc.?
could be since mc is 27 years old,but i'd want to investigate chirp a little further before you jump to conclusions
What's a poor boy?
It's an external alternator for the GL1200.
Chirping sound on startup?
Cold or hot startup or both?
What is the outside temperature?
Did you use a stethoscope or like? (long screw driver – handle in ear, NOT blade, less you prove Darwin’s Theory)

Doing some investigating before coming to your conclusion may save you from tearing into the wrong area..

When I replaced my belts at 104K miles (no record of original owner replacing them, and I did pull out HONDA parts) I checked my tensioners (and springs) for visible and bearing wear.
I didn’t see or measure any wear, any-where. LOL (GO TEAM HONDA!!)

Good Luck and let us know please.

-Ride On