Full Version: 1200 aspencade
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Any body out got a PDF or fact sheet on how to operate the radio/ intercom on the 84 aspencade

Please send to me if you have


Xxx Gadgit xxx

London. GB
sending you a copy of the 85 Aspy owners manual which should be what you need

will probably be in your spam filter since its aol
Neoracer's suggestion is best for operating Aspencade's OEM system (described on Pages 52 - 55 in the 1985 Aspencade Owner's Manual ... downloadable free online).

If your question is How to Interface with a GoldWing Intercom, there are step-by-step instructions online at eHow.
Hi folks
Many many thanks for all the info that was forthcoming
I now have the info I need all on a PDF

Thanks again
Take care now

London GB