Full Version: 84 1200 carb rebuild
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Bought Randakk’s master carb kit and Howard's carb manual for a 1984 GL1200A.
Also got the intake clamps and new slide diaphrams.

Found that removing the intake ports from the carbs it’s easier to remove the manafold assembly.

In order to keep carb parts separate for each carb I rebuilt one at a time and made carberator soup.
Boiling seemed to clean the carbs nicely.

Following Howard’s manual the rebuild job is straght forward. During the rebuild all the vacuum hoses, fuel lines, ignition caps and ignition wire would be replaced.

When glueing the new diaphrams to the slides I found it easier to place the diaphram on the slide and adjust the position. Leaving the diaphram on the slide peal up section and glue a short section the the slide and let dry. Did all four slides this way and after the glue sets just lift the rest of the diaphram and glue completely. Some of us seasoned riders just don’t have enough hands to glue the diaphram all in one step.

Assembled the carbs and manifold, slide manifold in place and them mounted the intakes.
Used the CarbTune Pro syncronizer to balance the carbs. Almost had a four cylinders even on the scale.

Took the bike for a ride and found there was a stutter when accelerating. Even at 60 mph and accelerating it would stutter. Figured I had an air leak. Looked at the spark plugs and #2 cylinder was a different color.

The second time taking the manafold assembly went easier. All the hoses were inplace, removed the diaphram cover from #2 and found the diaphram slipped during assembly an left a gap. Corrected the problem and assembled again.

Sync’ed the carbs again, the CarbTune Pro works great.

Now the bike warms to idle quicker and accelerates great. The engine/exhaust sounds balanced.

Also I bought the ColorTune. Seeing the color of burn in the cylinders is interesting. It didn’t take much adjustment to have all four cylinders burning Blue.

All in all a carburator rebiuld is fairly easy. Just keep track of all the parts. Rebuilding one carb at a time helps keep parts to gether.
sounds like all is good in your world of GL1200!

those 1200cc's pull nice when all are working together.