Full Version: Replaced stator now no sound
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Hi all. I have just replaced the stator on my 84 Aspencade. Had the battery on charge for a couple of days while I did the job. I put the battery on today and had the radio playing while I did the last few jobs like bleeding the clutch etc. It played fine for like half an hour. Then it started with the sound cutting out for a few seconds and then it would come back. Finally it didn't come back. I thought maybe I had flattened the battery. So fired the bike up. When I pressed the starter button the sound came on for a second and the went. I have noticed that when you put your ear to the speakers the sound is there but very quiet. I haven't got the mute button in or the headset button pushed. If I push the starter button though every time you get a quick blast. Safe to say I'm at a loss.
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strange as it sounds try cleaning the starter switch and the ignition switch connectors

in looking at your previous post you never posted what cured your radio problem,present problem could be related to this problem

since i see you posted on a different site same problem with somewhat different info, first place i'd look would be at the 7A fuseholder in the left side pocket
Cheers for the reply. I ended up buying another radio as Sierra advised that it more than likely had an open ground in the audio board. I couldn't afford to ship it out from the UK and back again as well as the repair cost. The replacement worked fine but showed up the charging issue and a after 40 mile round trip the radio would fizzle out and the bike wouldn't have enough power to start on the button. I've checked the 7.5amp fuse next to the 20amp (is this the one you mean?). My only other thought is if the generator had been playing up for a while, the battery may be on its last legs? When I had the radio playing this morning it was without the engine running. So possibly it needs charging again? I am trying that now as I type! I'll let you know how I get on
i think i'd also recheck not only your stator repair but the regulator connector and the solenoid connector,all are high failure rate areas and affect your battery charge
Had the battery on charge until about 10 minutes ago and the sound from the speakers is still really faint. Are the regulator or solenoid connectors you mentioned likely to affect the sound?
Just my two lousy cents; i had the same problem although different cause. Did you "jar" the radio while turned on? A faulty slide mount can cause the radio to go out. A good whack or a wiggle of my radio would make it work; sometimes for a day, sometimes a week or month. When good old redneck ingenuity quit working, I pulled the radio out, cleaned and straightened the contacts and she's been fine ever since. If a couple whacks and a wiggle or two causes it to cut in and/or out, you may find the problem.
those connectors probably would affect the sound only the battery charging,check what ccdouble says,it is possible that you may be having problems with your 2nd radio,but then again its possible you may have a problem with either the power amp
you might want to set your avc settings and all cables in the radio circuit
another thought is that maybe the connections on the speakers themselves is bad,pull speaker covers and speakers while radio is playing and intermittent

another thought is since you say you bought another radio that maybe the 2nd unit is bad too,might try to find another 1200 winger and see if his radio does the same thing in yours and vice versa

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I've just completed a 30 mile round trip. A couple of miles in and the speakers started crackling and then short bursts of audio. the bursts were getting longer and by about 10 miles the audio had come back fully. I stopped for a brew at my brother in laws and then when I left, an hour later, the audio had gone again returning after a few minutes. After returning home I left it parked on the drive for half an hour and tried again turned it on with engine running and no sound until a few minutes later it gradually came back crackly, then intermittent, then fully. I'm sure that there has got to be a wire disturbed that once the bike warms up finds a good contact. Either that or maybe a bad earth. I'm going to have the screen of this afternoon to get to the clock and will check around the wiring I can get to. Trouble is there is so much wiring under there it gets a little confusing! Thanks for the files Neo! I'm sure they will be a great help
really sounds like u have a radio with a problem,find a friend with a good unit before you spend alot of time tracing out wiring when that is not the problem
intermittent shorts are a pain to trace.... go after it logically and it won't seem so overwhelming. Break it down into sub-assemblies and don't get overwhelmed by the entire assembly.
Assume (sorry) your radio is good and test the speakers with another radio, making sure both + and - are solid.
Check the wires leading to and from the amp - I would suggest looking where they come out of the harness - look for pinched or frayed wires, wires approaching a 90 degree bend will fatigue and break, and may work intermitently.
It is not likely a wire is going to get damaged while in the large bundle of wires, but more likely in the smaller bundles where they feed through holes or between things, where they could get pinched. I remember a friend of mine who's seat smashed a bundle of wires and eventually caused problems.
Try to eliminate the different devices in the system, speakers, amp, radio, as this will help narrow your search.

I have a 84 Interstate with no radio.
Even if I had a radio, I wouldn't be able to hear it over the voices in my head. LOL

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