Full Version: Adding aftermarket radio to a virgin 85 Interstate? (What brackets are needed?)
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I'm a brand new winger, and I just bought a really cherry 85 Interstate (w/less than 21K miles on it when I got it). I'd like to add an aftermarket radio & speakers (probably marine grade) in place of the blanking plates. My concern is the mounting points. When I look inside the great cavern under the speedometer, I don't see a lot of metal to mount anything to except the fairly useless looking (i.e., GL1200-specific) bracket at the back of the hole.

What have people used to mount aftermarket radios? I saw the earlier post about the front plastic bezel that extends the depth, but what are the hard mounting points to secure a DIN mount radio to? Usually (in a cage's dashboard) there is some form of place to attach the DIN box to. Pictures would be most useful, if anyone's got any DIY stuff.

Since I don't have all the bells and whistles that plague Aspencade, LTD and SEI owners, this radio won't get handlebar controls.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Depending on the type of radio you may need to remove that bracket and cut out a small piece and the radio might rest in place, it's tough to get in and use mounting straps.
You will need to remove the instrument panel in order to remove said bracket if my memory serves me well.
Thanks, for the info, Tricky. I'm good with what I'd have to do to make a big enough hole, but I'm curious what kind of bracket to come up with or where people might have secured a bracket to.