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  1985 LTD dies
Posted by: Philroy - 06-09-2016 12:35 PM - Replies (3)

I've been having an issue with my LTD where the Fuel System light comes on and it dies.
Happened the first time late last summer. Took seat off and checked wires and couldn't find anything and then it finally started.
Rode 4 blocks and it did it again. After messing with many connections it started again and I dove home like a bat out of hell (65miles).
Rode it a few times on short distances and it happened a few more times. This time I had my reading glasses and could make out the lights on the computer. Don't rmemeber the exact code, but it related to the air temperature sensor.
Unplugged it, looked it over and plugged it back in. No issues the rest of the year.
Rode the 1200 for the first time last week and went 35 miles. Stopped to look at a car for one of my kids, was there an hour and when I went to leave I got 3 miles down the road, Fuel System light came on and it died running 55mph!
Got off to the side of the road, tried to read the codes on the computer and couldn't see them well enough!
Got under the travel computer, wiggled the wires to the temp sensor and eventually the bike started again and I drove home.
Going to try and work on the bike tonight, but wondering if anyone has experience this before and has some advice.

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  Ltd Question HELP
Posted by: 84wngnut - 08-15-2015 10:55 PM - Replies (3)

My newly aquired LTD is a little different than my present one . First off the fuel cap has a hose attached to the center of it . Looks like a evap type hose . I am wondering if it a California issued emission system ? It doesn't start, dont have spark to the plugs .

I checked the ECM and it looks like a PBR sensor fault . Would that cause it not to start ?
Also when I try to start it the fuel system light comes on. One more thing !

The supplement manual says PBR sensor. W solid and 0 blinking open circuit shorted signal wire . Now in the fail safe function it states PBL sensor output is used . When PBL sensor is faulty Ne-0thmap is used for both injection and ignition timing.

Question is , is this a TYPO in the manual ? Or does it mean what it says . You guys that have the factory Limited service supplement page 10-6 . Let me know PLEASE What they are talking about . Thanks

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  Voltmeter ???????
Posted by: 84wngnut - 07-22-2015 09:47 PM - Replies (10)

Hey someone refresh my memory . Every since I put the new stator on my LTD the volt meter reads a steady 13.5-7 ( I mean at driving RPMs ) while riding . I hooked up my volt meter to the battery and it reads 14.5-7 . Could it be wiring ? Or the meter I am about to change out the meter since I have a couple more laying around.

Now when I got this bike back in 09 the stator was bad when I bought it . So I don't know if it was doing it then or not . I have no other problems as far as charging or starting . Does anybody have this going on with your bike SEI or LTD

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  Stumble just off idle
Posted by: dbduely - 02-14-2015 05:18 PM - Replies (2)

I have 85 ltd just of idle I have a slit stumble once warmed up It runs great cold. It will have a slit ruff running also up to about 50. You twist the throttle it'll take off big time. I have balanced the throttle bodies from side to side, replaced the throttle position sensor, replaced the plugs to no avail. I've pretty much run out of ideas. Anyone out there got any other ideas. .Huh

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  85 LTD Fuel Injection help needed.
Posted by: Roy Sharp - 01-25-2015 02:58 PM - Replies (15)

I recently purchased an 85 LTD from an estate sale. It has 37000 KMs on hte odometer and hasn't been ridden since 1996. As you might expect, the gas tank was a write-off. I picked one up from a bike that was running when it came off the road to part it out. I have that installed, installed a new from Honda fuel filter and everything seems hunky dory, except it wont start. The first injector test the manual suggests is to turn the bike on and crack the throttle. You're supposed to hear the injector "click". They don't elaborate as to what the click is supposed to sound like or how loud it should be. I can hear a click when the key goes on, the fuel pump runs for a few seconds then shuts off, but when I crack the throttle I don't hear a noticeable click. I hear something that might be a very quiet click, but that's it. Any opinions on that would be good to hear. The injectors have the proper impedence according to my Clymer manual. I have spark if I remove a plug and clamp it to the frame. I don't get any lights on the control module. None. Is there supposed to be anything visible there so you know it's still alive? Are there any nondestructive tests for the control module? The guy I got the tank from still had the contol module, so I think I will buy it on spec, but how can you tell it's OK? I am working my way through the manual, but I think I may be at a dead end. I'm better at mechanical stuff than electronics.

So that's where I'm at. The bike is in exceptionally good condition. The paint, chrome and upholstery are all in grade A trim. Now I just need to get it running. If anyone knows a Fuel Injection Savant I would love to get a referal. My garage is somewhat heated so if someone does house calls, we'll be relatively comfortable. I have a trailer so can travel anywhere within reason.

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