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Greetings - Guest - 01-30-2010

Hi all,

Been lurking on the boards for a short while, thought I would post up and say HI.

I am looking forward to picking up my old 86 Aspencade. I gave it to my son a few years ago when I had an overabundance of bikes, ( yeah, I know, you can never have too many bikes ) and he never did anything with it. It has set for a few years, but it has been stored inside in Vegas, so a nice dry storage has been a good thing. I'm figuring a complete fluid change, and new battery and redo the carbs and it should be ready to go. It will be nice to see the old girl again.

Re: Greetings - rickvo - 01-30-2010

Welcome, this is a great site to gain some expertise on the GL1200. I am sure your son will want that bike back as soon as you complete the maintenance. I envy the fact you can ride so many months of the year in Vegas.

Re: Greetings - roscoepc - 01-30-2010

Welcome to the Site!! Don't forget the timing belts if it's been a while!!

Re: Greetings - Tropicalsuns - 01-30-2010

Welcome from the south east!

Re: Greetings - bluewing - 01-31-2010

Welcome from Baltimore Ontario.

Re: Greetings - Roleketu - 01-31-2010

Welcome from Massachusetts.

Re: Greetings - kwatts - 01-31-2010

Welcome from South Dakota!

Re: Greetings - Guest - 01-31-2010

Welcome from UpState NY.

Re: Greetings - Guest - 01-31-2010

Greetings from soggy south west B.C. Canada.

Re: Greetings - aspengold - 02-01-2010

A BIG welcome from NW Ohio


Re: Greetings - Guest - 02-01-2010

Welcome from BC Old Dog! I must say though, with a handle like "Old Dog" that probably makes you in about the same age bracket as most of this board! (Except for youthful people like myself!) :d

Re: Greetings - Guest - 02-02-2010

Welcome from Mississippi. :mrgreen:

1985 Limited Edition
1986 Yamaha Radian

Re: Greetings - arkansassuperdrafter - 02-02-2010

Welcome to the board from South Arkansas.

85 Wineberry Interstate
86 (was Winberry/silver, now blue) Interstate