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belated hello - Guest - 01-30-2010

Hi all. I been lurking around here for a year and never posted. 'Bout time I introduced myself. I'm Kevin, ride a 84 standard with sidecar attached. Needs a starter (I had to push start it most of last year) and some paint but its a great runner and not quite the old Buick it appears to be.

[Image: IMGP5536.JPG]

Re: belated hello - roscoepc - 01-30-2010

Welcome to the Site!!

Re: belated hello - joe turner - 01-30-2010

Welcome from Kentucky.

Re: belated hello - bluewing - 01-31-2010

Welcome from Baltimore Ontario.

Re: belated hello - Keener - 01-31-2010

Welcome from the west side of Canada.

Re: belated hello - Roleketu - 01-31-2010

Greetings, and welcome from Massachusetts.

Re: belated hello - rickvo - 01-31-2010

Greetings from Fredericton New Brunswick

Re: belated hello - Guest - 01-31-2010

Greetings from the WET coast of Canada.

Re: belated hello - kwatts - 01-31-2010

Gretings Roach! Looks like a fun ride you have there.

Re: belated hello - Guest - 02-01-2010

Welcome from UpState NY.
The side car is GREAT!

Re: belated hello - aspengold - 02-01-2010

Welcome Roach from NW Ohio. Nice ride!

Re: belated hello - Guest - 02-01-2010

Another big welcome from the west coast of Canada!
Cool bike!

Re: belated hello - arkansassuperdrafter - 02-02-2010

Welcome from South Arkansas.

Re: belated hello - admin - 02-02-2010

Hello and welcome. So give us an idea of what it's like to pull around a sidecar next to a naked 1200. :?:

Re: belated hello - Guest - 02-02-2010

My dad bought this bike and sidecar brand new. He hasn't ridden much lately so I talked him out of it. I was riding it more than he was anyway. He has a volkswagen trike. It will stay in the family for as long as I can keep her running. Both my kids have eyes on it.

It was a big bike back in 84. But I parked next to a Valk last summer and it looked puny even with the sidecar. Just the right size for me, plenty of oomph. I can't see needing 1800 cc.