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New from Phoenix, AZ - ScottGO - 08-20-2010

My name is Scott and I live in Phoenix, AZ.

I never thought a trip to my local Harely Store would actully result in my riding a Motorcycle. I had thought about riding in the past, but being a paramedic and "scraping" riders off the street made me think twice.

I recieved the a motorcycle training course for my b-day and it has been the best b-day present in my adult life. After and passing the course and getting my "M" endorsement it was time to do some riding on my own. Rented a Harely for the weekend, fell in love with the feel. I'll be honest, I didn't like the noise of a Harely so We researched other cruisers.

Came to the conclusion that the bike we wanted to ride was a Goldwin, Yes I started big. Found 1985 SEi on ebay and have been riding it since. In the two years of ownership, have had to do very little work to it.

I'm not at a point where it needs a new set of tires, this will be the second new set since I've owned it and I had some questions concerning the charging system. My research brought me to this site and I pretty sure I have enough information to troubleshoot the issue for confirmation and to then fix it. I'm looking forward to learning much more about this special model of Goldwing. My dream is have a brandnew Goldwing, but then I'll only be in a bind as to what to do with the gem I have now.

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - SIR tricky - 08-24-2010

Welcome Scott,
My dream was a brand new Goldwing, and I got it it 1985, still riding it.

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - Roleketu - 08-24-2010

Welcome from Massachusetts.

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - Guest - 08-24-2010

Welcome to THE GL1200 Goldwing site. :YMAPPLAUSE: :YMAPPLAUSE: ...from Mississippi.

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - Tropicalsuns - 08-24-2010

Welcome from Vegas....

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - DannoDeManno - 08-24-2010

Welcome from MinneSnowta!

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - Keener - 08-24-2010

And another Welcome. This time from the West side of Canada.

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - bluewing - 08-25-2010

Welcome from Baltimore Ontario.

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - arkansassuperdrafter - 08-25-2010

welcome from Southwest Arkansas

Re: New from Phoenix, AZ - Sgt Dave - 08-26-2010

Hey and welcome from north Georgia.