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85 LTD forward controls? - roondog - 03-09-2011

Is there a way to make it easier to operate the toe/heel shift and brake? I had an 85 Interstate back when. I was working abroad for over 13 years and came back end of June 2010. Got back riding with an 06 VTX1300R and just purchased my LTD last Friday. :YMAPPLAUSE:
I don't remember having my legs so far back for the shifter and brake.LOL Anyway, I will post pics this weekend when the rain clears. A few issues, lots of questions. Another posts I guess, so I don't lump all into one.
I contacted GWRRA and they said i could have my old number back if I can find it. Hmmm...back in the 80's

John Rooney (919) 600-2390 Wake Forest, NC

Re: 85 LTD forward controls? - unionjack - 03-10-2011

With the cylinders out to the sides there is no way to move the controls forward, you can use highway pegs that put the feet out, up, and forward but not the controls, plus not safe to use around town ect.
You might try moving the seat as far back as you can.

Re: 85 LTD forward controls? - roondog - 12-05-2011

The bracket space that allows the seat to be adjusted still had some room to allow more room so I ground more space. Result is I did move the seat back more and it is more comfortable to operate the controls

Re: 85 LTD forward controls? - admin - 12-05-2011

A custom seat might even get you back a little further in the saddle.

Re: 85 LTD forward controls? - neoracer - 12-06-2011

depending on what type of floorboards you have the heel toe shifter might be able to be modified to provide easier shifting,same with the brake pedal

the handlebars have a 3 position adjustment too,in order to see the cover in the middle needs to be removed