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New Hoosier here - seagullplayer - 08-02-2011

Just found the site. I just bought my 1984 Interstate less than a month ago. Have been riding it to work everyday. My wife loves it, we have been on a couple of small rides. We are planning an overnight trip before the season ends!

Hello all!

Re: New Hoosier here - Keener - 08-02-2011

Welcome aboard. Can you post a picture of your new ride?

Re: New Hoosier here - Mercness - 08-02-2011

Welcome from Texas! Nice choice in bikes, you're gonna grow to love it more and more even just by looking at it. As Keener said, post up some pics! We all wanna see. As always, ride safe and have fun.

Re: New Hoosier here - firstwing85 - 08-02-2011

welcome from westcoast Canada :YMAPPLAUSE: :YMAPPLAUSE:

Re: New Hoosier here - SIR tricky - 08-02-2011

Welcome from South West Ontario

Re: New Hoosier here - seagullplayer - 08-02-2011

Keener Wrote:Welcome aboard. Can you post a picture of your new ride?

[Image: goldwinghome.jpg]

Re: New Hoosier here - jclayto - 08-02-2011

Nice..Welcome from Appleton Wisconsin

Re: New Hoosier here - Roleketu - 08-02-2011

Welcome from Massachusetts!

Re: New Hoosier here - Keener - 08-02-2011

Thanks. She's a good looking 'Wing.

Re: New Hoosier here - Ranbo1 - 08-02-2011

Welcome from Missouri. I'm a displaced Hoosier , and just got me a 84 Interstate earlier this year. Are you anywhere near Plainfield? Got family there.

Re: New Hoosier here - neoracer - 08-02-2011

welcome from mid md/pa area

Re: New Hoosier here - ccdouble - 08-02-2011

Welcome from NE Ohio. She's a fine looking bike. I'm amazed at how good the old Wings hold up over time.

Re: New Hoosier here - ACEWINGER - 08-02-2011

Welcome from Springfield, Mo.

Re: New Hoosier here - Guest - 08-02-2011

Lookin good..... Welcome from Anaheim Ca.

Re: New Hoosier here - BUDD TWO - 08-02-2011

Welcome from southern Indiana nice looking bike. Hal