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New Memeber Howdy! - Philroy - 09-11-2011

Hi all,
I joined a few weeks ago and have been lurking for awhile.
I purchased a 1985 LTD from my neighbor last weekend. It has set for 11 years. Been working on it a little bit this week. Gas tank is nasty, soaking it in vinegar right now. I put a battery in it today, disconnected all the fuel lines to the pump, found out the pump is dead.
Thanks to this site, I have an E8000 pump on order!
Looking forward to getting the old girl running!
Am really enjoying this site.

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - unionjack - 09-11-2011

Welcome Welcome.

11 years! WOW. I bet it will take a lot of work to get that one going, but if you do it will be well worth it.

The best way to clean out that old tank (and it had better be very clean before you use it) is to remove from the bike, fill with nuts and bolts and then wrap in towels ect. now suspend it inside a cement mixer with bungie cords and let it spin for a few hours. Now rinse it out well until it comes out clean.

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - firstwing85 - 09-11-2011

welcome to the site from West Coast Canada,
I also bought a Ltd this spring and love the bike, I have been working on mine with a few issues.
I bought a new stator and installed it and what are the chances? it was defective, now waiting for a replacement.
should be here in a couple days..

if I can help in any way just ask and I will do what I can..

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - Sgt Dave - 09-12-2011

Hello and welcome aboard from Georgia. Plenty of great folks and good advise to be found here.

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - bluewing - 09-12-2011

Welcome from Ontario Canada

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - Guest - 09-12-2011

Greetings from So. Cal.
11 yrs is a long time.....a lot of work....but not impossible.
This is the place for 1200 and a lot of expertise on LTD's and SEI's.....not me however.
These guys know most, if not all there is to know about our bikes.
Good Luck.

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - Fire1386 - 09-13-2011

Hello from Ohio..... :lol:

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - neoracer - 09-13-2011

welcome from the midmd/pa area

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - DannoDeManno - 09-13-2011

Welcome from Duluth, MN! I too, went through a phase of getting maintenance stuff caught up that was way overdue, but you'll feel it getting better and you'll have a sweet ride (of course, she always needs attention to feel properly loved, any lady does!)

Re: New Memeber Howdy! - Update! - Philroy - 09-18-2011

I have been working on the bike a little bit. Filled the fuel tank with vinegar for 2 days, vacuumed out and was disappointed at first. But getting the last bit out of the tank, my small vacuum tip hit the bottom of the tank, and the rust came right off! So I jabbed around awhile, then took my air nozzle and blew around inside and a lot of rust came off. And the tank looked fine underneath.
I got 6 more gallons of vinegar and did it again, for 3 days this time. Repeat and most rust gone. (97%)
The fuel pump was gonzo - locked up tight. Ordered a new one through Autozone and installed it. Put a fuel line in a clean gas can, turned the key on, the pump came to life, sucked up the gas, quit running and I hit the starter. The bike fired right up!
Yesterday and put gas in the tank, hooked up the fuel line and ran the bike in the garage long enough to get it up to operating temp and have the fan kick on!!!!
It idles a bit rough occaisionally, so I will start using the Seafoam.
Can't ride the bike yet as the front left brake is locked on and the rear master cylinder does absolutely nothing.
Enjoying working on it and looking forward to riding it (probably next spring).

When I figure out how to upload photos, I'll post some of the "before" shots. 8)