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New member southeast Mo. - cj7jeep82 - 11-04-2011

I am a retired caterpillar machine now that I'm retired I have time to ride so found a 1985 goldwing machine special on Craiglist for $1000 it said the clutch was slipping. I do all my on repair so I thought I would fix it over the winter. got it home and check to over removed oil filter and cut about 1/4 of the filtering material out and put in a vice and squeeze the oil out of it that way you can see what material the filter has tripped this is something heavy equipment machine do to determine the type of problem they have (brass, clutch disk material, dirt. ) to my surprise there was no foreign material it so I am thanking the clutch may not be bad. I found I could open the bleed on the slave cylinder and I would get a squirt of fluid out of it. it was holding pressure in the slave cylinder and not relishing the clutch. Then the clutch would work find for about 4 or 5 time of Appling and relishing the clutch then it would slipp again . so I clean the master cylinder and found the return was plug. unplug it filled it with new fluid' Have been riding it now for about 2 mouths with no other problem.

Re: New member southeast Mo. - neoracer - 11-04-2011

welcome to the site from the mid md/pa area

nice to hear your diagnosis and repair of the clutch,sounds like you made a good purchase,like the color too

Re: New member southeast Mo. - firstwing85 - 11-04-2011

Welcome from Aldergrove BC.
looks like you got a great bike.. :d :d

Re: New member southeast Mo. - bluewing - 11-04-2011

Welcome from Baltimore Ontario. Nice looking bike.

Re: New member southeast Mo. - Guest - 11-04-2011

Greetings from So. Cal.
Good find.
Love the 60 El Camino

Funny thing is those are three of my favorite things.
Classic Goldwings
Had a 69 El Camino & a 79 CJ5, had both for many years and never should have sold them.

Re: New member southeast Mo. - Ezdoesit - 11-04-2011

Welcome from Michigan.... :d

Re: New member southeast Mo. - ghostrider52005 - 11-04-2011

Welcome from NE Ky :d

Re: New member southeast Mo. - Fire1386 - 11-05-2011

Hello from Ohio.... :lol:

Re: New member southeast Mo. - Sgt Dave - 11-07-2011

Welcome aboard from just north of Atlanta Georgia

Re: New member southeast Mo. - Roleketu - 11-07-2011

Greetings from Massachusetts.