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New Memeber Howdy!
I have been working on the bike a little bit. Filled the fuel tank with vinegar for 2 days, vacuumed out and was disappointed at first. But getting the last bit out of the tank, my small vacuum tip hit the bottom of the tank, and the rust came right off! So I jabbed around awhile, then took my air nozzle and blew around inside and a lot of rust came off. And the tank looked fine underneath.
I got 6 more gallons of vinegar and did it again, for 3 days this time. Repeat and most rust gone. (97%)
The fuel pump was gonzo - locked up tight. Ordered a new one through Autozone and installed it. Put a fuel line in a clean gas can, turned the key on, the pump came to life, sucked up the gas, quit running and I hit the starter. The bike fired right up!
Yesterday and put gas in the tank, hooked up the fuel line and ran the bike in the garage long enough to get it up to operating temp and have the fan kick on!!!!
It idles a bit rough occaisionally, so I will start using the Seafoam.
Can't ride the bike yet as the front left brake is locked on and the rear master cylinder does absolutely nothing.
Enjoying working on it and looking forward to riding it (probably next spring).

When I figure out how to upload photos, I'll post some of the "before" shots. 8)
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