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CB Radio Install
Seems I'm always either fixing something,cleaning, adding better lighting (HID lights out front ), or communications Bike to Bike. I have a Chatterbox but since I moved no one here has one. My son who has a Silver 85 Interstate has a CB on his bike...ok so I go to the Bike wrecking yard find a factory Honda CB from a parts bike,wheel & Deal on it brought it home, took all the exterior stuff off my bike, you guys know the routine, seat,Faux Tank,left & right front storage comparments,left cassett tape compartment.*Note* I'm a ham radio operator with advanced license so radios don't scare me.I do some head scratching because its such an integrated system with the the onboard am/fm cassett, helmet sound and so forth.This is an LTD so you also know the electronics on this bike. I get it all hooked up and find two issues, where there should be a Din male to female plug there's two female plugs..okay it came off a 85 Aspy and its a bit different..ok I can wire a new plug,I have the pin out schematic diagram on a usb flash drive. Wait...better see if it even powers up first..basics.. awe nuts the LED readout is toast no digital readout.
Long story short,I put it on the bench for a conversation piece,grabbed a couple of old Cobra CBs I had kicking around and made a good working CB out of the two, made a face plate out of a piece of thick plastic using the cassett tape holder as a pattern,tunned the antenna with my swr/watt meter and installed it in the left lower fairing which was very tight I might add. It works, a stand alone CB radio, less things to go wrong and its not a nightmare to work on either. I used the antenna matching transformer from the Honda CB which surprisingly does work according to my meter. Just another day in the life of an old Goldwing owner...old as in the the bike and me as well 69th birthday just around the corner Big Grin This old bike suits me, my name plate around the license plate "PAPA'S RIDE" just guess what my CB Handle is. Cool
#1 09-11-2013, 12:48 PM,
Murphy's Law has taught me to always allow more time than I think I need to get ANY task done.
When I started the first project on my GW, Mr. Murphy wasn't satisfied with overseeing the project, so he called his wife, the three children and flew in some relatives from out-of-state.

Who knew removing the carburetors was such an involved task!!!!

Of course, the carburetors were just a pre-requisite for replacing the head gaskets.....Dodgy

IAC, these GW require that adding of 30 to 60 minutes to ANY task, given the parts which need to be removed to get to the parts to be replaced!!

It is what it is and we have fun doing it........

carburetors were done, third set of tires installed, head gaskets (both - of course) and recently, an alternator..... now where do I put the hot chocolate machine?

Kudos on the radio retro fit!!
enjoying the view from the saddle....... due mainly to the people and information found within this site
#2 09-11-2013, 02:03 PM,

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