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85 ltd long block into a 84 asp.
i finally got everything running(ignition issues)
1.bought new 85 asp. pulse gen.
2. swapped in a green label 85 asp. cdi (84 pulse coils run at 1400 ohms and the rest of the1200 run 300-330 ohms. pg's must match the ohms of the cdi) had to do lots of research and logic.
3.change the plate between the 2 crank shaft pulleys(under the timming covers) the one on the 85-86 fi engines is used to locate tdc only as a reference for the ecm to run the injection.the engine will start and run but the timming is way advanced.(plate b on the fish with the front cover).this is a discontinued part.9use one from a 85-87 asp. or int.)
4.swaped the timming inspection cap,moved oil press switch from the back to the top,chaned the plug on the neutral switch,changed the plug on the stator, caped off 2 small coolant hoses unsed for the fi.and did not have to change the gas tank
5.removed the pg's from the head since they are not used but left the empty case.
i hope this informational for any who needs it.
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