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Back to cycle riding, finally got a Wing!
After a 30 year break from having a bike (time enough to finish college, get married, raise 3 wonderful sons and gain my wife's approval to get a bike again . . . ) Back in the saddle. How nice to find a forum of folks who have GL1200's. Geetings everyone, looking forward to connecting and getting to know y'all and my bike better.

I bought my Aspencade for my 50th Bday about one month ago. Took motorcycle safety course just to get back up to comfort riding and now the fun is on. If you know the actual name of the color of my bike, let me know and I'll update my profile.

Ride On!

[Image: Goldwing%202010.jpg]
#1 05-25-2010, 09:29 AM,
Congratulations Dan!
You and I (& probably many others here) have similar bio's. I let go of my 1968 CB360 in 1978 and bought an old basket case 1978 CB750 in 2007. It was a long, productive, non-riding break but I'm glad it's over and I'm back on two wheels. There are some great folks here with tons of expertise. Good luck!
#2 05-25-2010, 09:39 AM,
Welcome to the site, looks like you got here just in time for a great summer of riding. This is a great site full of great people sharing the dream.
"Enjoy the ride"
#3 05-25-2010, 09:40 AM,
Welcome to the forum Dan.

I believe Honda calls the colour of your beauty "Satellite Blue Metallic".
#4 05-25-2010, 09:41 AM,
The color of your bike is called Satellite Blue. Of course you picked the right color.

The color code should be on the underside of the lockable gas cap access panel
The only stupid questions are the one's that are not asked.

#5 05-25-2010, 09:43 AM,
Thanks for the greetings folks, looking forward to sharing the joy. This is my first cycle in a long time, so just getting the little things set up (amazing how the $$ do add up with tune, battery, a tire . . . whew), but it's all good to get the wheels rolling and safe.

[Image: Goldwing%202010.jpg]
#6 05-25-2010, 01:56 PM,
$ of the cash variety is something these bikes require---If you have a little extra every week or month to kick in, well, it's a great hobby--- and more rewarding than stamp collecting.

And just think---the cost of one new tire or a new AGM battery is less than half of ONE MONTH'S payment on a current model 1800.
#7 05-25-2010, 06:28 PM,
Welcome to the Site!!! 8)
1985 Limited Edition
#8 05-25-2010, 11:33 PM,
Welcome Dan. Always nice to have new members. Nice Wing, even if it is blue!
#9 05-26-2010, 05:10 PM,
Hello from Mississippi!

Your story is very, very similar to mine. Feels good, don't it!!
#10 05-26-2010, 06:47 PM,
Welcome Dan, from Southwest Arkansas. Wink)
85 Interstate Wineberry Red
86 Interstate Denuim Blue Metalic
#11 05-26-2010, 07:57 PM,
I do love this bike, but stator woes took out the month of June. (that's not so bad, it was raining 2/3 of the time anyway) :roll:

Just got my stator replaced and now I'm reading around the various forums on the net. Looks like "bad stators" and "GL1200" are just the way things are. What are the odds that my stator will fry again? It was a spendy propostion, so I'm wondering if it's better just to get a newer wing, or are the 1500's also gonna have some serious repair issues too?

I'm trying to remain in love with this wonderful bike, but I gotta admit, the nearly $1,000 repair sorta made me wonder if I'm better off having a newer bike needing maintenance instead of major repairs. Whaddaya think?

I may just be needing a GL1200 therapy session here so we can get our relationship nice now :d
[Image: Goldwing%202010.jpg]
#12 07-02-2010, 04:45 PM,
A lot of the guys on this site are going with the Poor Boy alt kit, once you have installed it you have a better charging system and if the alt goes bad you can get a new one at most auto stores and replace it in about 20 min. Check it out in the tech site, there is lots of info on it here. My stator is still working but when the time comes I will go with the Poor Boy kit for sure.
Ride safe have fun and enjoy. Lane
1985 Aspencade
2002 Vulcan
#13 07-02-2010, 04:55 PM,
I've been reading about the Poor Boy, but it's the bigger picture I'm trying to land on as well. I think I've got a couple thousand bucks more to put into my wing (brake caliper, new tires/installed, carb rebuild, and that other repair in the front end I can't recall but I've seen it mentioned here. So I'll tally putting about $6,000 into my wing with buying it used and repairs, soooo, is it more advantageous to save my money and get a 1500 or 1800? They all require maintenance and it costs more than a car, fer shur!

But, what you guys can help me with is to discover the wonderfulness of the GL1200 that I'd miss if I ever moved to a different bike. Being pretty new at having a cycle again, I'd love to hear your perspective. I do think it's a beautiful bike and riding is a blast, so I'm just wanting to hear the good stuff that you love about the GL1200.
[Image: Goldwing%202010.jpg]
#14 07-04-2010, 06:10 AM,
The cost of owning any bike will depend a lot on how much of the work you can do. If you have to have most of your work done by someone else you would more better off with a newer bike. You can't realy put tires in cost of repairs to your 1200, they all have to have new tires every so offten. If you can't afford new, can you take what you can get for your 1200 + the cost of repairs needed & get anything that does not need anything?? Poorboy
#15 07-04-2010, 07:11 AM,

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