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Sta-Bil Ethanol
I've used Sta-Bil gas treatment stabilizer every storage season for motorcycles, snowblower, and lawnmower. Now they have an ethanol treatment for everyday use. Anyone know about it, I picked up a bottle to try.

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#1 04-04-2011, 05:08 PM,
A few days ago i started a post on some stuff called start*tron it is a
ethanol stabilizer. Amsoil is also making some. Seafoam and Stabil as you know.
The question is does any of this stuff work i guess. I am under the impression
that the Star tron stuff did some good for me on mileage. Last weekend i used
as prescribed and my mileage jumped 2.3 mpg now i know there are a jillion
variables in this but as best as i could tell it helped in that aspect over a 350 mile
trip riding two up and about the same amount of baggage. The temp was from 85
up higher to 105 down in the valleys. My speeds were mostly cruising at 70-73
not much around town stuff a few hills some slower driving in the National park
for about 47 miles. It is an unknown whether the internal effects are doing anything
I did notice that the idle was smoother not gurgling like it did when cold (no choke)
just starting and letting idle.
let me know if you come up with any results or are we just being scammed more??
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#2 04-05-2011, 07:42 AM,
You betcha it works.
I have been using the Sta-Bil in my small engines, boat, ATV & UTV for about 10 years now and never a problem until my GL1200A, which I didn't have any in the fuel.
The Star-Tron ethanol and the Sta-Bil ethanol are pretty much the same formula products. Use either one.
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#3 05-03-2011, 07:33 AM,
I use Sta-bil in all small engines... just mix it in the gas can when one gets gas. I have a backpack blower that is 12 years old, only replaced the fuel filter once... runs fine.

I suspect an ethanol treatment would be a good idea for any bike older than around a few years... they were not designed to have alcohol in the gas. Something to counter-act the corrosive effects and eating through some parts would IMO be a good thing. Hate to be riding down the hiway and find out I have a gas leak at 75 MPH... Sad
Glad to be riding again :cool:
#4 11-01-2013, 05:16 PM,
Gasohol's (ethanol-gasoline blends) main downside is it's ability to absorb water from air and the related issues this can cause.

Fortunately we have 2 sources for non gasohol fuel in our region. I still use stabilizer in the gas when bike, boat, and snowmobile engines have to stand unused. I use some all the time in small power equipment engines.

#5 11-02-2013, 05:28 AM,

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