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Wow! A site that understands me!
Perhaps. ;-) Hello all, I'm fairly joyous in finding a forum not just dedicated to the Goldwing; but, to my particular flavor. \:d/ As you can see from my Avatar I have a 1984 GL1200i, wow, and here that's all I needed to say. Other than she has around 80k miles on her, and is feeling all of them, at the moment.

Basically, I had gone onto the internet to research the, yes, it's reared it's ugly solenoid head again, the burnt starter relay problem. One would have thought that I'd recognize the acrid smell of burning wires and start thinking, "Hey, that might be me." But, as I'm sure a lot of you can attest (sigh) it was furthest from my mind as 1) I took care of it before [hmmmm, maybe not] and 2) She'd been running great for so long I was starting to think I was bulletproof.

Needless to say I went looking for help for many reasons. But, as serendipity would have it, and a great joyous occasion it is %%- (almost makes up for the fact that I can't ride right now [unless I want to charge the battery, and make it a short ride]) I found this site. ^Smile^

I've enjoyed a Goldwing site or two in the past; but, as long as I can keep this girl running; I'm here for as long as I can stay, if you know what I mean.
My last bike was a Yamaha XS650, or is it 650XS, I forget. V-twin. I'm afraid at 56yrs, I'm getting too old to get vibrated to death (even if the ladies seemed to enjoy it :-J ), and I'd always wanted a Goldwing for as long as I've known they existed. Nothing against Harley, I think they're a great bike; but, me, I wanted a Goldwing, always had.

A friend of my wife at work had a Goldwing, newer model, and her fiance had just bought a newer model and he had this '84i and well the rest is history. I've had the bike now for almost five years, ride it regularly... haven't built up trust with her yet to go for a long haul.. I'm trying to get there though.
But, well, here's the deal... this last time, these same friends asked if I'd like to go on the "Trail of Tears' Run this year. And I thought about it, and thought about it... (remember, she's been doing well and behaving, except... well, later with that.) so I went up to the bike (no kidding) and I said to her; so, how do you feel about doing the 'Trail of Tears' and she said... heck she didn't say anything, she's a motorcycle; but, when I did take her out later I thought (only thought mind you) I could smell something electrical... maybe? And, like I do with stuff like that... I immediately shoved my head in a hole in the ground where I couldn't smell it anymore.

So, before I go on about that cause I'm a little OT here about that. So, I've ridden since I was 15 years old and use to race in Riverside California, Trials, and Dirt and whatever I could do starting with 50cc in the dirt behind the trailer park and out in the desert with my friend... to a 360 Yamaha Enduro, so I could ride both street and dirt.. and off and on till the babies came... Anyway, I'm here now with my Goldwing. woo hoo.

:-@ yeah.. my wife tells me that a lot too. So, Howdy folks. I'm glad to be here, I hope to stick around for a while; I don't know much; but, I could help a newbie... hmmm it's probably that solenoid problem... here's a link... heheh.

So, anyway... I rode around for about a week, and I'd swear it smelled like the car next to me was having electrical problems.... OK... OK, after a few times I was getting suspicious... but, my head was in the hole in the ground. So, I go out the other night (a pizza run, with my wife as part of my leanabago kick back ride... and I notice that the headlights look pretty dim tonight, and the instrument panel. Must be my imagination, hmmm, maybe I left the air pump plugged into the cigarette lighter - nothing I hate more than riding hard tail, and lately, the airshock need air every fifteen minutes.... well, actually, since I dumped a few ounces of hydraulic fluid down the air hole, they've been acting pretty good.... so I reach over to the cigarette lighter and feel for the plug... It's dark and my dash is dimmer than usual and besides I can never find that thing in the dark. It's not plugged in!

I look at the volt meter, and it reads 10V. I turn back to my wife and say... don't panic.. but, we have problems. She goes oh, will we make it home? :YMPRAY: And I say.... (this is Off Topic) [-X to be continued in the CHARGING SYSTEM AND CONVERSION ALTERNATORS forum... or IGNITION SYSTEM CAUSES AND CURES, or hmmm maybe LIGHTING AND ELECTRICAL, or STARTER??? :d no, thank God, not that... Ahhh, IF YOU JUST CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT FORUM IT BELONGS IN... sigh, I guess that's the one.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello... catch you around... still can't find that member map I was told to check out... :-SS
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