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Wow! A site that understands me!
Of course, we made it home with no problem. I've been keeping an eye on the battery, determined to make this one last more than a year.
Thanks to all who gave me the warm welcome. :YMHUG: I had gotten lucky on my electrical problem. I had thought the PO had done the "Solenoid Modification" alas no. So I did it, cleaned and painted the battery box while I was at it. Rewired the K-mart (Craftsman) air compressor directly to the battery, not having that is what gave me the problem in the first place, and mounted a switch on the right saddlebag for easy access. :d Still trying to find out why my front fog lights won't come on. :-\ But, had to stop for a while due to excessive Heat warnings in the area. 8-X 8-X Day 7? Today's first day in a while I've only seen a "Heat Warning" so, maybe I'll get something done. I want to get riding again. \:d/

As usual, I need new tires, I need some plastic parts (faring stuff) but don't know how to name it. Need Air shock seal kit, if such thing exists. I need a faster way to get my tires changed, or tires that last longer, and a whole lot more. I expect to be sticking around a while; even if intermittently so. Wife is going through peri-menopause. ^Smile^ And with a family statistic of failed marriages on the female side of the family. I'm taking an extended visit (separation?) up north. Sure which I could tow the bike. Seriously folks, none of my wife's Aunts nor her mother, had a marriage that survived menopause, neither her Grandmother, nor her grandmother's sister's marriages survived menopause, and back at least two more generations. Confusedhock: The only exception was Aunt Betty, and... she was institutionalized as being insane during that period, lobotomized her, and she's (cough), did fine until she passed a couple of years ago. 8-X No joke folks... :twisted: I'm getting out of dodge. No man should wonder IF his wife will kill him... let alone "when". :-SS

Wish me luck. %%- Sometimes it's better to leave while you still love someone, then to wait until they remove your head. :YMALIEN: I just wish I was better off financially. B-(
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