Full Version: TRAC System
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Well hello everyone. After 3 months I finally got most of my parts back from the powder coater, that's a story, (or two), for another day perhaps. I started assembling and rebuilding sub-assemblies like master cylinders, calipers, steering stem and forks.
Which brings me to my issue today, the TRAC anti-dive system. The parts fiche shows #27, rubber stopper, which sits between #20, the sleeve for the mounting bolt, and #25, the piston.

With the piston and rubber stopper installed resting against the sleeve, the piston is projecting almost 1/4" passed the TRAC mounting surface.

With the piston pushed in until the sleeve is up tight against the TRAC housing,
the flange on the piston is projecting approx 1/8" past the mounting surface of the TRAC assy.

With the hard rubber gasket,#16 on the fiche, installed on the lower fork , the center projects almost 1/16" past the mounting surface.
When the TRAC housing is bolted in place the mounting bolt sleeve is pressed up so tight against the TRAC housing that it cannot be moved in any direction because the flange on the piston is up against the lower fork leg

My question is: Is that correct? It's like it's one solid piece, with no room for movement.

Also, I need to find a replacement spring, #17 on the fiche. I've looked on all the sites I know about but have had no luck at all. Any help locating one would be greatly appreciated