Full Version: Passenger back rest
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Before I start yanking and pulling would someone please advise me as to how to take the passenger back rest off of the back luggage box. As far as I can tell it does not bolt to the luggage box like the side pockets do. Thanks, Gary/wing5357


There is 2 screws from the inside behind the mirror.

Open the trunk lid and then open the little compartment and look inside. There are 2 nut's inside. Remove them and slide the backrest forward and up!!
Roscoe beat me to it!
Well, at least you tried Ian. :lol:


Thanks guys :!: :!:
keener Wrote:Roscoe beat me to it!

Actually PoorBoy beat me to it!! He was talking screw's though while I was nut's,,, er,,,,,,,, Talking nut's,,,,,,,,, er,,,,,,,,,, About nut's???

Oh never mind!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: