Full Version: How dop I make the old 1200 Panasonic radio sound better
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even using headsets sounds terrible. any ideas, I rather listen to the music w/o head sets.
then I hop on the 1500 and the radios half volume going 75 mph.and sounds great.
I think speaker size and make is the main problem.
Not sure there is anything you can do about it though. Just enjoy the ride.


I got some Polk 4" marine speakers on amazon for $50 a pair and threw them in my 1200. They made a huge improvement and it sounds much better even on the highway. Ny goaln now is to get a good sounding iPod setup going. An fm transmitter sounds like crap and a taoedeck adapter picks up engine noise.
i bought a set of Polk 4" speakers from the company refurb site off ebay for $30 and they sounds great

can use them w/o headsets now that i have a good avc box,before terrible at 65 now great till about 80

use a audivox cassete adapter with apple itouch for mp3's excellent

tried an audiovox fm transmitter once with an mp3 player but it was an pain hooking up and running all the assoc wiring and it really did a poor job too


I also installed some polk 4" speakers. Made a hugh differance. I also have a XM radio with FM transmitter & it works great. I can listen to the speakers with my full face helmet on.
this sounds like a great idea!

are these the ones you guys are talking about?
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item number 200467233999


Those be the ones.

Poorboy Wrote:Those be the ones.


Do the tweeters cause interference with the stock GL1200 speaker covers or do you have to modify the speaker covers for these Polk speakers?


I didn't have to do anything but put them in. :d Poorboy
Thanks Don. I'll be looking for a pair of these and hopefully I'll catch them on sale.
the tweeters are a tight fit on one bike i had to bend the mounting tabs a little to gain a little more clearance
Thanks Earl.
After changing and trying all types of speakers I decided that the panasonic was just a sub standard unit and decided to replace it ,I did some looking around and came up with a JVC KD R218 unit it has CD am fm and Aux input rated at 20watt rms,
To install unit I removed all of the stuff used for the old radio mounting including wiring and amp,new unit fits quite nice and sounds great,not much louder than old one but way better sound ,also comes with full function wireless remote that velcro,s nicely to drivers side,bought unit at future shop on sale $99,dont miss old one at all,will try to post pics if anyone interested
Does your new one have handlebar controls for changing stations and muting and auto volume? The Panasonic unit on my 84 works pretty darn good. I can hear it clearly at 100 KPH and it will go even go louder if I want to turn it up.
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