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I thought I noticed the exhaust sounding a little louder, especially sitting in traffic next to another vehicle. Lately starting to resemble a VW with bad aftermarket headers, put her up on the lift and discovered the holes in the 27 year-old crossover. That might account for the stinging eyes when stopped as well.
Any decent looking used system on Ebay runs close to $300, not to mention the age factor, I guess I'd rather spend the money on new.
Not finding anything recent on here, I was looking for an update on what's available, what experience anyone has had with the aftermarket systems, since I gather OEM is no longer available, or at least cost-prohibitive.

Thanks in advance for your help guys!


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Give this a look. I think it's a pretty decent price for a new system. Good luck.
Stop by any good muffler/welding shop and see if they can't add a plate to seal it up!

Just be sure to disconnect the neg. from the battery before welding on the bike.


That's good info, I was leaning toward the stainless until I saw the "golding". Thanks Bill.
I put a set of the Mac exhaust on mine last year, they are just a bit louder then stock but it's very little.


Thanks Johan, any significant discoloration? Did you use any extensions? Mine currently has the dual tips that extend out below the lightbar.
there is some bluing just behind the headers and I don't have any extensions on it.
I used my factory headers as they were still in great shape and these will slip right on.
I can take a picture and post it here.
the turn down tips help to not have the exhaust smell in the wind turbulence.


My headers seem OK, but the chrome is a little worse for wear, that's mostly why I'm considering the whole nine yards. The dual tips I have (2 each side) are turned down too,never had any exhaust smell while riding.
When I had my LTD, I bought the complete MAC system due to the old one being rotted out and rusty. It was not easy to install. Had a real hard time getting everything to line up. And that was before I tightened everything up. Fit and finish quality was horrible. The crossover leaked. It was louder than stock. The head pipes turned color right away. I even ceramic coated the insides. The good thing is that they turned dark gold and stayed that way. It matched the bike color even! After a year, they started rusting. I then took it off, cleaned it up and sold it. :-L I found a real nice OEM system at Whitey's Classic Wings(wing bone yard). Maybe I just had a bum set from MAC, but I'll never get another MAC ever again. Maybe the slip-on's are better than the complete system? YMMV.....


Anyone know much about the Motad?

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From what I hear, the Motads are great! A little pricey but you get what you pay for. If i had the cash i would get a set. For now I have a set of crappy Jardines which are blued and rusty. Im thinking of Cutting the mufflers off and replace them with a set of supertrap mufflers.
Yep, I put a complete new Motad Stainless Steel exhaust system on my '84 1200.
Then I sold a complete OEM exhaust system with brand new OEM mufflers to a member on this forum. I think the sound was great. A little bluing, but better than rust.
No more worries about rusting out ever again.[attachment=3]