Full Version: Just bought at project Aspencade 84 for $500
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I put the battery on it before I bought it to see if the engine would turn over.

It did.

The bike sat for 2 years.

I am thinking about putting gas in the cylinders, to try to started it to see if it runs, before I sink to much money and time in to it.

Any Ideas or suggestions.

Now I have to figure out, how to clean the tank, carbs, and whatever to get it running.
Change out the brake and clutch fluids, flush and fill the radiator, drain the gas and refill, adding some Seafoam or Marvel Mystery Oil, pull and check the plugs, then see if she'll fire.
I agree with Sgt Dave. I would also suggest pulling the card bowl drain screws to empty the carbs. Then put some gas and seafoam in and see if she'll start. Then we can go from there. When was the last time it ran? Any known issues with the bike? History?