Full Version: How do I remove the Panasonic Radio
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Have a 1984 Interstate.
Panasonic Radio/Cassette in the dash will cut out occasionally.

I do not seem the have the key for the slot on the clock face. How do I remove this radio to work on it/check it out or whatever?

I seem to remember there is a way to do it once the fairing is removed. Since I am going to pull the fiaring to go over the varioiring, replace the ignition switch and rebuild forks this is the time.

Can someone PM me the secret or point me to it in the forum?

if you remove the windshield and the speakers,you then can remove the shelter over the dashboard
at that point you should be able to get to latch to remove the radio
Thank You.
I am going to be doing a custom install on mine shortly.....if you can, post some pics, I would like to see how yours looks.

I try to take pics of all my work on the old girl.
Helps me remember what it looked like when I took it apart.

What are you looking for? I'll try to get pics of that as I go along if I remember.

Refer to my reasoning above.
I am most interested on how it is mounted in the bezel and behind the dash. Other than that any and all pics are always nice to see......
BigBro, You have a PM....
(03-05-2013, 05:13 PM)PanMan75 Wrote: [ -> ]I am most interested on how it is mounted in the bezel and behind the dash. Other than that any and all pics are always nice to see......

Panman75 here are 3 pics of the area.
Not much space behind the radio mount due to the Speedo cable in there.
Looks about 4" deep from Front of speedo housing to Radio Connector.

Hope these help you get your head around the opening size.
1984 Interstate for reference.
Won't removing the original bracket and harness make it much easier to mount?
I'll try to get a picture later today.
From what I saw on the Interstate, you would need to remove the instrument cluster to unbolt the slide bracket from it.
Then put the instrument cluster back in and fabricate a mounting system for the new radio. I am thinking the right Din style radio would almost fit into that slide bracket with a little fabrication to make it functional. But I would need to be going down the path to attempt that.

I seem to remember there were a couple of folks maybe on other GL sites that had done something like that.
I was just looking at the slide bracket on my asp. I have the pyle plmr18 and I think I may be able to remove the plastic pieces on the original radio and attach them to my sleeve for the pyle and it may slide right in using the original bracket. I have to run to work now but I will try to check it out on Monday morning when I have more free time.....
The din mount sleeve for my radio fits perfectly within the bracket. This may be an easier job than I thought. I figure if I remove the bracket out, attach the din mount sleeve to the bracket, reinstall the bracket, then the unit will be able to slide right into place utilizing the din mount sleeve. I also plan on using flip cover to protect the head unit in bad weather and I think the only issue I may have will be handlebar clearance but I think it will be fine.
So thats what that key switch thing is for!