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Front cowl issues - PanMan75 - 07-29-2013

I have been having issues with the front cowl on my wing. It seemed to have come loose the other day while riding. Inspecting it, I removed my headlight, and there were 2 bolts that were not attached that go behind the headlight to the frame stay. Looking further, I noticed that one of the tabs on the stay that one of the bolts goes to was broken off. I screwed the good one in and rigged the broken one with a pipe clamp for now. The front cowl, has now cracked throughout and needs replacement as well as a new frame stay, both of which I am getting from Ebay.

Now here is my question......
I was looking at the shop manual, and it says for removal of the fairing, to unbolt 2 bottom fairing front bolts. I do not have these and I do not even have holes through the fairing there for the bolts to go. It also does not mention removing the bolts behind the headlight. Are the 2 bottom bolts what mounts the the frame stay "tabs" that point down?

Thanks in advance

RE: Front cowl issues - SIR tricky - 07-29-2013

There are four bolts holding the upper section of the fairing to the frame

Two are on the front of the steering stem, and two Allen bolts, one on each side.

RE: Front cowl issues - PanMan75 - 07-29-2013

Thanks Tricky, but my issue isn't the fairing stay (sub-frame) to the frame of the bike, my issue is the actual cowl to the fairing stay (sub-frame). I can remove the pieces no problem, but I am wondering if my fairing (front cowl) was not originally mounted correctly to the sub-frame which cause it to break. When I take it apart later this week I will try to get some pics up.

RE: Front cowl issues - SIR tricky - 07-29-2013

This is what I have

RE: Front cowl issues - PanMan75 - 07-30-2013

That's perfect! I have the 2 bolts behind the headlight, and those are the ones that have the broken mount. The fairing is still mounted to the frame stay by the 4 nuts (2 on each side), but the ones I seem to be missing are the 2 on the flange. It's tough to see in the picture, but it looks like the 2 that are on the lip on the underside that mount to the frame stay on the mounts that point downward. My current fairing doesn't even have those holes drilled out.

This is the 4th season I have had this bike. I don't think that the front was ever mounted correctly to begin with. When I removed the headlight, the 2 bolts were not in their respective holes. This probably caused the excessive bouncing because the fairing was not mount at all except for the 4 nuts. I then screwed the one bolt in to the mount that was still there but one was broken. I then "rigged" the other with a pipe clamp but that did not help, and the remaining mount broke. So here I am with a new frame stay on its way and a severely cracked fairing (bidding on one on Ebay right now).

The the fairing (front cowl) I am bidding on has the holes in that lower lip on its underside. So that is what also needs to mount to the frame? That would give me the 2 bolts behind the head light, the 2 on the lip (flange), and the 4 nuts (2 on each side). Sounds rights?

RE: Front cowl issues - neoracer - 08-07-2013

lowers for an LTD or SEI do not present a problem,my 87 has SEI lowers and no problems occurred

if you lengthen that lower mount by 1.25 in it allows the top of the alternator to swing in a little further out of the way

RE: Front cowl issues - PanMan75 - 08-08-2013

Thanks Neo, that's what I figured, just wanted to confirm before I go hunting down the lowers. I think the bigger pain is going to be finding the rear filler panel vent for the lowers.