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Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - pstelter - 07-11-2016

Does the auto-volume work on the speaker output, or does it only work for the head-set outputs? I normally listen to music via the fairing speakers and the auto-volume seems to have no impact on the speaker output. Thanks.

- Pete

RE: Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - Dave-85-LTD - 07-11-2016

I have auto volume on my 1985 LTD, and it works on the main speakers. I would think your bike would be the same, although I think I do have more controls.

RE: Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - roscoepc - 07-11-2016

What Dave sez!! I've not tried it with the helmet yet.....

RE: Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - glhonda - 07-11-2016

The auto volume only works on the speakers. Not the headset volume. If you remove the controller, you'll find a black wire that is the input from the speed sensor. Generally, the volume doubles @40mph

RE: Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - pstelter - 07-12-2016

Hmmm...these aren't the answers I was expecting. Now I'm wondering if the auto-volume is functioning, or the speed sensor is broken/not connected.

Thanks for the answers. Guess I have some more work to do.


RE: Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - SIR tricky - 07-12-2016

Speed Sensor lnspection
Disconnect the speed sensor from the speedometer
gearbox at the front wheel.
Connect a voltmeter across the BlacWBrown and
BlacWYellow terminals of the sensor white 3-P coupler.
Turn the ignition switch to ON.
The sensor is normal if the voltmeter needle swings from
0 to about 5 slowly eight times when the sensor drive
shaft is turned slowly one full turn

from an earlier post

Mine works OK but control knob on there, one would think it doesnt have any effect but it does.

It doesnt work on the headset only on the speakers.

Turn the knob to zero (full left) then when traveling at say 60 mph, turn the knob slowly to full.

See if you hear any difference. If not it could be pooched, it is very subtle.

When it is working it is one of the things I like about the stock radio over an aftermarket.

RE: Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - pstelter - 07-13-2016

I think everything is working ok, although there doesn't seem to be much control with the knob. But once I had the auto-volume at MAX, I was able to discern a change in volume. Now to figure out how to mount an aftermarket head unit...

RE: Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - pstelter - 02-16-2018

Greetings! Like my GL1200 riding, I am resurrecting this thread from the dead...(but that is another story for another thread)...

At the start of the 2018 riding season, I am in the exact same spot as I was last year - the proud owner of a 1985 GL1200A. However, this year I plan to actually take the time to install the aftermarket stereo that I have had for about 3 years now. I have been kicking around a couple of install methods and would like to get the board's input:

1. Method 1: Using this method, I would leave the stock wiring in place and run new speaker wires from the head unit out to the speakers right alongside the existing wiring harness. The advantage of this method is that I (or the next owner) can restore to a stock condition with relative ease, but I lose the auto-volume feature..

2. Method 2: In this scheme, I would drive the stock audio amplifier with the new head unit. Essentially, I would connect the preamp outputs from the new head unit into the auto-volume control unit. This could be done by tapping into the stock wiring harness (not desired) OR by creating a new harness that uses the same connector for the auto volume input (maybe hard to find). This would allow me to retain the auto volume feature.

This is where the board members come in...I would really like to use Method 2, but there is a technical hurdle that I am not sure if I can overcome. Looking at the installation manual for the stock audio system, it appears the auto volume control unit takes a three-wire input from the head unit: L, R, common. However, the preamp outputs from my head unit have four wires: L+, L-, R+, and R- (standard Panasonic red/white jacks). Was wondering if I could tie the L- and R- together and to create a 3-wire input. Or could I just use one of the (-) connections and leave the other one disconnected?

Hope everyone is having a good winter.


RE: Need a primer on auto-volume, please... - SIR tricky - 02-18-2018

Don't see why you cant connect the - wires they are ground.

Check the attachment and see if it can help