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'87 Aspy, weird radio problem... - dkrider - 08-21-2011

Ok, here goes...Radio was working great for quite a while after I bought the bike, then I started the nike one day, sound coming out of the speakers! 1st I spray cleaned the contacts of the radio, and seated it several times. Then I checked the speakers. Then I opened up the side glove box, and played with the spaghetti (wiring). Even tried bypassing the AVC, by plugging straight into amp. Nothing helps, and have no Aspy close by to swap with. It's an '87 Aspy with the Panasonic radio/cassette. It comes on, I can change stations, etc., just NO SOUND. Every once in a while, I get a soft pop, when I turn it on. I'm thinking the power amp has gone south, but I don't know, and would rather hear from the experts. If it IS the power amp, which one is the right one for my bike?
I would really hate to completely rewire my stereo system, for something that is probably an easy fix...any advice would be greatly appreciated! :YMPRAY: ^Smile^

Re: '87 Aspy, weird radio problem... - SIR tricky - 08-21-2011

You could hook up a headset to the unused 5 pin Din cable (in the rats nest) if you get sound you know its possibly not the radio.

Re: '87 Aspy, weird radio problem... - moonhead - 08-21-2011

You didnt by chance push the headset/speaker switch by accident?Been there done that!Moon.