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Weird '84 Aspy radio problem - mannock18 - 11-27-2012

I hace a problem with the radio on my '84 Aspy. I live in the UK and it is the rainy season at the moment! My radio started to tune itself. The thing will go through the FM range continuously trying to tune and stopping at no station. And now it wont tune to any find any station at all. I've tried onpening out the contacts and smearing with dielectric grease. This worked for a while, but now nothing. I'm currently changing the timing belts and may use the time that I've got the old girl apart to trace the wire and check any connectors. Just wondering though whether anyone else on the board has had this issue before, and how they fixed it.

Re: Weird '84 Aspy radio problem - SIR tricky - 11-27-2012

By opening out the contacts, I presume your talking about the actual contacts on the radio (in the fairing)

Me thinks you problem lies with the actual tune up/down switch.

You may be able to fix it by taking the switch off the handlbars and soaking the switch in a cleaning/degreasing solution and moving the switch up and down afterward spray some contact cleaner into it.

RE: Weird '84 Aspy radio problem - admin - 11-28-2012

First, I would make certain that the distant button on the radio face is depressed then I would look into the antenna fully to make sure that it was bringing a good strong signal to the radio. You can even try a known good antenna from a car to verify that the signal is in fact reaching the radio properly.