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integration of J&M cb to panasonic radio
Here's my portable setup, the strap latches under the lid. I made the base and it has 4 suction cup feet. I formed the top of tinted plexiglass using heat. It has a cord that plugs into the bike's headset plug, then the headset plugs into my integrater above the CB. One antenna cord feeds back under front of faux tank and I just hook to a "AM/FM / CB" combiner which also lets me set SWR using my meter. My PTT and power wires also disconnect fast. In the attached plans, I used number 2 and added a quenching diode to the relay. Been using the setup since about 2000 or earlier. CB costs me $40 new. Parts to build "integrater" including cast aluminum waterprrof box and Velcro maybe another $40.

[Image: outside2006fromrear.jpg]

[Image: IM003697.jpg]

The coat hanger hook deal is how I store it when not on the bike, I hang it from a nail in the basement.

[Image: IM003684.jpg]

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.pdf   CB Radio Integrater Plan1.pdf (Size: 86.97 KB / Downloads: 5)
.pdf   CB Radio Integrater Plan2.pdf (Size: 52.79 KB / Downloads: 3)
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