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Help I'm lost
I just got a 1985 Interstate was sitting for about 6 months & I want to replace the radio mine is not working @ all & found I only had 1 speaker on left side but no speaker wires anywhere and under the left glove box found 2 fuses & a mess of wires & what looks like a connection for a CB & I think a connection for the antennae but no antennae and one other connection to something. I can't see how to get from there to the back of the radio? I know I pull the radio out with the key in the clock and that is dead to. can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction before I start messing with the wires and really sc&$w something up. I have the Clymer manual for my bike but the wiring diagrams are useless as???? well you know : Next week my new tires come in & I'll be able to get it on the road for the first time in 6 month.

#1 02-21-2014, 06:48 PM,
In your situation it might be best if you removed the dash visor, windshield and the headlight so you can gain clear access to the connectors and wiring on the radio slide bracket. Once you remove those items you will have open access to the wiring, connectors, bulbs, etc. The radio slide bracket bolts are accessed behind the headlight and once disconnected and removed you can then clean all gold plated connectors with electronics cleaner then lightly polish them with a clean and soft pencil eraser. With a schematic you'll be able to determine which wires are for the speakers and such. Ask here if you need a schematic. You should also test the continuity/resistance of all the connectors at the fairing to bike plug on the inner lower left side of the fairing. I have seen connectors here rot, turn green and stop the radio and the clock from working properly. Your bike might be down for a weekend doing all these inspections and repairs, but, once completed and working properly your bike will work great for many years. Good luck.
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