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CB Conundrum
I did a quick search guys, an had no luck. Sorry if I happened to have missed a previous thread on this problem.

I'm having trouble with the CB on my 86 gl1200 Interstate. Everything seems to work on it (it's in excellent condition, I believe it has been rarely used if ever). When I press the PTT button, the TX signal shows up on the screen... no transmission is sent though not even the usual clicking sound. On the other hand, I can not hear any transmissions either (through headset or speakers). However, when I play with the squelch knob, it does cut the radio out as if it's receiving a transmission. I'm wondering if maybe the CB is not hooked up to the antenna? Thanks for any and all help guys
-Austin Walker-

Let the fun begin.
#1 08-15-2011, 02:41 PM,
first thing i'd is hook up an swr meter to the cb/radio antenna switch on the cb side and see if the unit is transmitting
the radio cuts out when the cb receives or you turn the squelch down the cb sends a signal to the multplexer to mute the radio output from the radio
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#2 08-16-2011, 12:53 PM,
Decided I'd rather just save up and get one of the J&M handlebar mounted systems. They are not much more than what it would cost to get everything fixed, and it has the newer technology. Plus, If I ever sell this bike... then I can just take my system, and have it if the next bike's CB is MIA or not working! Hope these systems live up to the J&M name.
-Austin Walker-

Let the fun begin.
#3 08-17-2011, 11:43 PM,

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